What I am reading: "Statystycznie rzecz biorąc"

Cool unusual book about statistic and research.

So I’ve read 80 pages of this book (most of it at school, thank you tedious school, I can save more time) and I feel it’s good time to share some thoughts about this title.

What was my motivation to pick this book?

I was wandering alone through the mall and started looking at books. My eyes were scanning shelves horizontally and slightly moving to the bottom, like a scanline on monitor. After trying this with different bookstands, my eye was caught by the book titled: Statystycznie rzecz biorąc 2 written by Janina Bąk.

My inner monologue was like: oh, Janina Bąk has written book? That’s cool! I only knew this autor from science podcast bunkier nauki and it looks like it was enough to gain my trust and interest in her work. After gently pulling this squeezed book from shelf, I started reading back cover and my brain told me YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOW BECAUSE YOU LACK KNOWLEDGE, so I got strong urge to buy this book and thus, after few days I ordered first volume.
(Noooo, I’m not impulsive, I was just planning to buy some books).

My first impressions.

I grabbed this book into my hands and laid down on the bed. When I finally got through 30 pages, I felt confused… I had no idea what was first 20 pages about. Maybe it wasn’t that important? Or maybe because of (more on that later) specific writting style of author? If I recall correctly it was just some kind of introduction. Pages 20-30 were more specific, because there were examples how people lie about statistics and how to not fall into trap of false comparasion.

Cool stuff but essence of this book is sugared with humour.

Overally humour in book isn’t that bad, but I think that author has overused it. Looking at comments, I’m not the only one who thinks so. First 30 pages were hard to read but somehow over time I got used to it and now It’s easier to understand the core message behind this book (I just know what parts I can abort and what are crucial).

Another problem is that I feel like this book was first spoken and some speech recognition program was used to output us this book.
Because sometimes this book is written like that, lots of repetitions and colloquialisms which make individual paragraphs very odd to read.


I have very mixed feelings but on a spectrum between animosity and exaltation I think my feelings are more closer to the positive side. I managed to get used to this specific writting style of author and thus I can gain important knowledge from this book.

So if you enjoy humour of author and understand polish language (I checked amazon and goodreads and didn’t find english edition) you can pick this position to learn something about statistics and scientific research.

Expect somewhere in near future article about (life changing) things that I learned from this book.