The ghost has been summoned

Welcome to the my side of internet

Welcome to the my side of internet

Idea of having your own place that reflects your personality always fascinated me. Therefore, I realized my dream and made areox.boo. For now only this blog is available, but I’ll make other stuff if I have more time.

Everything sounds so ezoteric and mystic. Is this blog some message from afterworld? Some prophecy? Maybe some kind of spiritual enlightenment?

Not really.

I’m just cyberghost (like most of the people), an entity that isn’t necessarily visible or noticeable (especially in noise of cyberworld), but I exist and somehow I can interact with real world.

What does that mean?

We’re all some sort of ghosts to most people (I’m talking about ordinary people, not some global stars or known powerful inviduals). Majority of mankind isn’t aware of my and probably yours existence and that’s fine. We don’t live for everyone.

What do I do?

I wander through fiber-optic cables (and other mediums that transmits binary magic) for searching and creating cool stuff :3

Expect here articles about things that interest me and some of my reflections that pops into my head.